Saturday, September 9, 2017

Summer Ends

I finally finished five quilts and they are off being machine quilted. Although I took a class in August at the AQS show in Grand Rapids for machine quilting I just am not geared up to do it myself. Plus I would need a new machine and cannot justify that purchase right now. So I will continue to have someone else do them for me. A special quilt I will continue to hand quilt.

I looked at my fabric rack filled with prints and decided I needed to use them up. I finished an 81x96 plus 72x90 top only to look back at the rack and see absolutely no dent. A daunting task. I am on a third using the cheddar and red prints. Will see how much I use up then. When I turn around and see the antique pie safe holding all the solids I just say, my oh my. And yet, there are so many BEAUTIFUL NEW fabrics to be had. What to do?

My dilemma of to much fabric? I purged a bunch and am giving to the Quilt Guild, but there is still a LOT left. I will sew, sew, sew until my fingers decide it is time to knit! That collection is ANOTHER story of excess. To think I purged that as well. One day at a time!